The Alliance

 a purpose-driven community designed so that on-the-go women can thrive in their life and leadership


The alliance exists to empower your everyday brilliance. 

It’s a place to develop your life and leadership every single month. 
A place to build momentum – continually prioritising your development in a realistic, manageable way. 
A place to have connection to me and incredible guests.
A place to keep on learning about your strengths, and to gain the accountability you need to make the progress you’re looking for.

a high-quality coaching community that is at your fingertips

Inside The Alliance you will get:  

A Monthly Masterclass πŸ’» — a guaranteed place at my live, fresh-content monthly masterclass including Q&A sessions
Weekly Coaching Clinic πŸ₯Ό — accountability, goal setting, live coaching, hot seating and guided reflection
The Alliance Community πŸ€ — a private members community to discuss, sharpen and stay accountable to your progress, every single day 

All this for less than a pound a day πŸ€― 


"Don’t go through life, grow through life."

Eric Butterworth

Meet Hannah

Hi, I'm Hannah! I’m so excited to have launched The Alliance! Here’s why…
Throughout my own life, and in my work as a coach, I recognise the enormous juggle so many of us are facing. We have lots of responsibilities, our time and other resources are limited but we want and know that we need to learn and grow.
The problem is that for it to work it needs to be with people that we trust, where we can be accountable, and where we can be coached. But coaching is time intensive and expensive (and you have to find one without a wait list). On top of that, as much as coaching is great, it also doesn’t help us to grow our own coaching skills or share the sense of growth with others along the way.
I believe that the Alliance is a real solution to this problem. An affordable, accessible, high-quality coaching community that is at your fingertips, with people you trust and people that will challenge you. It’s learning from experts, challenge and reflection from each other, a place to be coached and coach others, a place to make sure the growth you are looking for actually happens. 
It’s time to back yourself and invest in your development - come join The Alliance. 
The Alliance Founder & Coach
P.S. If you're a business owner or manager - this would be a great space to grow individuals in your team! Drop me an email to enquire about our corporate offers

"I absolutely love working with Hannah, and so do our participants. She has the ability to leave people feeling just a couple of inches taller than when they walked in the room, in a way I have rarely seen. "

Dr Nish Manek BEM
Next Gen GP, National Programme Leader

"Hannah is a natural communicator who brings truth and inspiration for living our best life! She communicates with great tension, pace and content, and delivers fantastic actionable content "

Danielle Strickland
Communicate & Justice Advocate

"Hannah is great - she's clear, she's direct, she's strategic and she is really fun to work with. She has been working with the whole team to understand their strengths, and develop their skills based on their strengths. I highly recommend Hannah Miller and the work of sidekick. "

Skills & Education Group
Paul Eeles - CEO

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(If you reckon you can get this out of your professional development budget at work, then that’s amazing – we can either give you a receipt or email us [email protected] to request an invoice instead)




fresh-content monthly masterclass with Q&A

Daily support and prompts from the team and community 

Weekly coaching clinic and support





fresh-content monthly masterclass with Q&A

Daily support and prompts from the team and community 

Weekly coaching clinic and support



Yes, all will be recorded and shared within our community ONLY. You’ll get dates in advance and loads of reminders.

Yes! It’s an easy in and easy out subscription – affordable and accessible is the idea

Yes! If you need an invoice instead, just say.