5 clues to discovering your true purpose

Life’s starting to feel like a faded photograph of what it used to be...

You’ve lost who you are in a pile of laundry and to-do lists

Your evenings disappear in a haze of Instagram scrolling

You’ve gone from big dreams to “This can't be it?!”

The Can-Do Formula: Discover your purpose and reignite your soul

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❌ You're done being so stressed out that one extra request tips you over the edge to tears

❌ You’re tired of wondering where time went (and when the good life starts…).

❌ You can’t handle another day at work worrying if your efforts make a difference. 

You have a unique assignment for your life. And when you take on that assignment, everything starts to fall into place; Your energy, your life, your relationships, yourself.

You just need to know your calling. And The Can-Do Formula will show you how to discover your place in the world. 

So you can go from, “Is this it?!” to “Oh yeah! This is IT!”

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Hi, I'm Hannah

I’m Hannah Miller, creator of The Purpose Pursuit and a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach. I help people that are stuck in a meaningless haze discover their place in the world and create a life that fits. 

Turns out, adult life and all its responsibilities is pretty draining. And that’s right about the time we start to lose our way: “Do I have a purpose here?” “Do I matter?” “What makes me special?”

These are big questions - and the answers are YES!

I’ve guided thousands of people just like you to uncover their unique assignments and I hope to shine a guiding light for you, too. 

Sign up now for The Can-Do Formula and start to step out of the haze and discover your life’s purpose. 

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