The Purpose Pursuit

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Think of this course as your sidekick.

Over eight modules, together we will discover your unique assignment, and you will be equipped to step forward with confidence into your distinct purpose.

Want the CONFIDENCE to make a change in your life? Want the CLARITY to know your next steps?

Are you tired of feeling unfulfilled, still giving out to your loved ones, but then finding there's nothing left in the tank for you?

Are you held back by a lack of confidence, wishing you knew just what it is that you had to offer?

Are you ready to get the CLARITY & COURAGE you need to make changes in your life?

"Empowering is the exact word I would use for The Purpose Pursuit"
— Louise, Alumni Spring 2021

Who is The Purpose Pursuit for?

If you are trying to understand yourself better, and what you have to offer the world
If you’re feeling stuck, at a crossroads in your life and want to make a change
If you’ve lost your confidence and want to get your spark back
If you know that you’ve got more to offer, but you’re just not sure what that is
If you’re wondering if it’s too late, but in your heart you don’t want to settle
If you’re in a career, but wonder what your contribution really looks like
If you’ve taken a career break and wondering about what is next
If you’re feeling a little (or a lot) lost and know it’s time to find your way back
If you love your job, but know you have more to give
If you’re ready to move on
If you’re asking the question, ‘is this it?’ and believe the answer must be no

this course is for you.

"I cannot rate this course high enough. Whilst you need to dedicate the time and space to do it properly, it is worth every minute. The CliftonStrengths is totally enlightening, and with Hannah’s assistance to understand it fully, it becomes one of the most important documents you will own. Hannah makes you ask yourself questions that you have put aside and avoided for years. She gently guides you to bring them to the surface and give them a little bit more thought. You will find answers that you didn't know existed and start conversations with loved ones that you didn't know you needed. I have found a new place of calm while at the same time feeling much more excited about the future."

Laura Spells
Alumni 2021

Perhaps you’re a parent, who’s had time away from the workplace, or has chosen work to pay the bills or fit around your family. But now it’s time for you. You’re ready to find your lane and enter a new season.

Or you’re a budding professional who knows there’s more and wants to discover it. You want to know more about how you tick and how you lead so you can carve out a career and lifestyle that boosts your confidence and enjoyment.

Maybe you’re tired of doing a role that doesn’t quite fit. You’re tired and feeling like you’ve plateaued. You know there is so much more to you. You know you are capable of so much more. You’re ready to chase after it and just need some guidance along the way.

this course is for you.

The Purpose Pursuit will give you clarity, courage and unparalleled support as you step into the next season of your life

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By the end of The Purpose Pursuit you will have: 

discovered YOUR UNIQUE STRENGTHS (using world-renowned CliftonStrengths® assessment) so that you start to focus on what you're brilliant at (and NOT what you're not)

✅ been given powerful language to talk and write with confidence about who you are & what you bring (no more vague statements like 'I'm a team player')

✅ realised quite how many transferable skills, experiences and behaviours you have (so you realise you're more than able to do that new thing you've always dreamed of!)

✅ owned your weaknesses and feel ok about them

✅ learnt EXACTLY how you are getting in your own way & how to stop doing it (bye bye Imposter Syndrome) - no more self sabotaging!

✅ finally figured out what's holding you back & removed those barriers to change for good

✅ written with confidence about who you are and what you bring, so that you can face any CV or interview with poise and assurance

✅ created a purpose statement for life so you can say YES and a confident NO to the wrong things

✅ crafted a workable plan so that you can step out with determination into your next phase of life — whether that's a new role, a new career, more fulfilment in a role you enjoy (you'll be ready to get going I promise, no more faffing!)

3 months from now you will be on your way!


Hannah Miller

BCom, QTS, Certified Coach

Qualified Teacher, Entrepreneur, and Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach, Hannah Miller, will guide you through the entire journey. Taking everything she has learned from her 20 year career of developing people of all ages and stages to reach their goals, she will give you the confidence to take that next step; whether that’s a return to work, a new career, career progression, or something else!

Find out more about Hannah

It's time to make an investment in you

Exploring my Strengths with Hannah was really empowering. It’s given me the confidence to recognise, harness and utilise what I have to the max. As a new mum this has been pure gold and helped me explore the next steps in my career.

Caroline Darbandi —
Mum to Baby Jasper

Knowing my Strengths has changed everything. I've gone from a daily battle with Imposter Syndrome to thinking, hang on, maybe I can do this, my way!

Ali Callear — 
Carer Coordinator at University Hospitals Birmingham & Mum to 2 Teen Boys

Hannah really helped me gain perspective on what my Strengths were. I left feeling empowered by the realisation that I am someone who needs a sense of purpose in order to bring my best to the workplace. It also gave me a fresh excitement for how I can use my strengths to start something new!

Mutsa James —
Founder of The Kindred Workshop

I was at a career crossroads. I worked with Hannah to discover what made me tick, and because of that I am now training towards being a personal trainer. Let's see where it goes... well done Hannah!

Kev Yates — 
Personal Trainer

I loved discovering my Strengths! Knowing that my positivity and empathy makes a difference to others has pushed me to pursue my passions at work with confidence. I'm not worried about being everything now - I just need to do what I do best.

Saheli Chaudhury — 
GP from Cambridge

I would never have had the courage to go for the interview without Hannah. Thank you for helping me get my work confidence back! 

Rachel Croucher — 
Lead Software Asset Manager

"It has been genuinely amazing. It has been insightful, challenging, thought-provoking and inspiring. I was not prepared for how powerful the strengths discovery would be. I know what fulfils me and energises me, and most importantly what doesn't. With this knowledge, I can feel more confident in my own abilities and can take the steps I need to move forward and find the purpose I am missing."

Katie Taggart
Alumni Spring 2021

The Course Map — our tried & tested formula

1 — The Route

Time to get your bags packed and set your GPS! 🗺 

There's no point setting off unless we know where we are starting from. We'll take stock of where we are, decide where we'd like to be, and make a plan so we don't get lost along the way!

2 — The Guide

Prepare to have your mind blown🤯

You'll take your CliftonStrengths Assessment this week which will give you the most incredible mirror view of yourself. You'll suddenly realise why certain things bring you alive and others leave you drained. Decades of research on tap for you right here.

3 — The Mountain

Prepare to feel good! 🤩

We're going to focus on your highlights, your brilliance - in the every day and in the momentous. It's a BIG clue towards your next steps. You'll also get to hear why others love & appreciate you - what's not to like about that?

4 — The Valley

Hello roadblocks... ⛔️

This week you'll focus in on what you don't find so easy and what others might think of you. The good news is you'll leave this week feeling ten times more comfortable with who you are (and what you're not) than when you began

5 — The Waterfall

Did you know there's no one quite like you? 👏

This week you'll discover your incredible uniqueness. You'll discover what you do better than 10,000 others. No more faffing about with weak CVs and applications - communicating with total accuracy about who you are is coming your way

6 — The Desert

It's time to get out of your own way! 💡

Learn from my extensive research (and, ahem, personal experience!) into the ways we self-sabotage. What's your mindset? Learn how to change it. Why do you feel like an imposter? Learn to spot it. Why do you compare to others? Discover the tools you need to stop doing it!

7 — The Forest

My personal favourite! 😍

Your values are of paramount importance for your fulfilment - but you need to know what they are! You'll know your values (not anybody else's) by the end of this week and no longer waste time on meaningless pursuits

8 — The Lighthouse

Hello bright future! 😎

It's time to pull it all together, and make a plan! You're now ready to think about your next steps, armed with all you've learned. I'll show you how to make decisions about your future, and how to set goals so that you actually stick to them and reach them!

Your new tomorrow starts today

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The Purpose Pursuit


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"It has been a journey of discovery, reflection, soul searching, and honesty. It has been a game changer for me. I know myself now better than I ever did, I know how to work to my strengths, when I am most fulfilled and when I am being the best version of me. I know my DNA and my purpose in life as I move on. The Purpose Pursuit has been my catalyst for change - I'm so glad I started out on this journey and the best thing is that it doesn't end here. "

Jane Lord
Alumni Spring 2021

What's Included?

Access to features depend on your choice of tier

✅ The Purpose Pursuit Course
8 module digital course with weekly videos, lessons and PDFs to support your learning

You’ll be given access to one module per week (plus two reflection weeks; time to stop, catch up, reflect so far, take stock). This way you will have ample time to dive into the lessons in each module and complete that section of the course and Purpose Profile, before moving on to the next.

We do it this way to help protect your time, keep you on track and avoid the feelings of overwhelm that could easily stop you from making the progress you are capable of.

✅ CliftonStrengths® Assessment
Tried and tested profiling tool to discover your Strengths

✅ The Purpose Community
Exclusive members-only group including access to LIVE webinars every week; a place to discuss and learn

✅ Managing Weaknesses Masterclass — ABSOLUTE GOLD! Unsure of how others perceive you? Don't know what to do about your weaknesses? Stop wasting time worrying. Listen to our expert, certified coach panel discuss how weaknesses don't have to hold you back, instead embracing them and focusing on who you are is the key. Learn from decades of coaching experience in our LIVE Q&A session, so that next time you're faced with a challenge you know just what to do ⭐️

"Unexpected highlight - I felt so understood as I listened to Hannah, Justin & Liz share their insights" — Davina, Alumni 


An investment in you

"I loved rediscovering my Strengths. It feels like so much of the time that who I am is buried underneath a pile of washing. This gave me the chance to remember all the things I enjoy, what brings me alive, and what I contribute."

Charlotte McAuslan
Mum of 3 boys

You’ll be backed by a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee

The Purpose Pursuit is the most comprehensive, tried and tested, step-by-step programme for anyone who is looking to develop themselves and put in the work, so that they can be ready for a new challenge – whether that’s a return to work, a promotion, new leadership challenges, a fresh career or first job out of uni

Now here's the thing. 

30 days from when The Purpose Pursuit commences, you will have received the first four modules. This means you will have had the opportunity to discover your Strengths and begin to understand what these mean for your life and career. You will be well on your way to discovering more of your unique purpose.

If at the end of the 30 days, you don't feel like you're well on your way to feeling more confident and achieving the things outlined above, simply get in touch and show us that you have put in the work and we will refund your investment.
You can read our full Terms & Conditions here.

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The Course Companion & PDF Workbook

Choose to upgrade your experience with a 66 page magazine-style journal for thoughts, reflections & notes, and a PDF workbook so that you don't need to print a single thing.

A tangible complement to your online experience

Frequently Asked Questions

This is such a great question as Hannah also wondered this when she signed up for her first digital course.

The course is hosted on a platform called Kajabi and this is where all the modules sit, along with their lessons and supporting materials.

The lessons are delivered as downloadable video and audio recordings, along with slides. The course materials and activities are all available alongside the corresponding lessons as PDFs to download or print.

On signing up to The Purpose Pursuit, you will be sent a welcome email, which will include a link so that you can log into Kajabi, meaning that you can access the course materials at your convenience. Online courses are a great way to learn and to expand your knowledge, from the comfort of your own home! You also get lifetime access to the materials – so you go back over all of the learning whenever you want to.

Quick answer: no. We don’t do this because the last thing we want you to do is be overwhelmed by ten weeks’ worth of content! Each week, fresh content will appear in your Kajabi platform course area. You’ll also get an email with an overview of the week ahead.

I am so with you on this one. I find it really quite tricky to spend money on myself, but I find it all to easy to spend it on my loved ones, especially my kids? Ask yourself this – what price is your long-term fulfilment worth? Is this really just spending on yourself, or does it benefit those around you, too, to see you fulfilled, confident and pursuing your goals? Those of you with children – what do you spend each week on swimming lessons, piano lessons, football club and so on? Just like that kind of spending, this is more of an investment.

I fully understand why prioritising ourselves can be hard to do, but stop and ask yourself what you would say to a friend if this was their reason for hesitation. Without wanting to be totally cheesy – you really are worth it.

Again, quick answer: no. Kajabi is user-friendly and you can choose to print out whatever you might want to work through in a more manual process.

There will be several ways you can make contact. Firstly, do use the email [email protected] if you can’t resolve any tech issues or want to ask a question. The weekly live sessions will have time to address questions so you can always submit those in advance. The online community will also be there to support your questions and thinking too. If you choose the Signature package, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with Hannah in your 1:1 and within your small group collective.

This is a great question, to which the answer is a confident yes.

Hannah knew she did not want to create an off the shelf 'one-size-fits-all' digital course because she knows how important the individualised approach is to her work.

Having worked with in people development for 20 years, and as a certified coach using the highly individualised CliftonStrengths®; approach, Hannah knows that each person is different. That's why you'll work through work through all sorts of activities and reflective processes to ground the learning in what you are discovering about yourself. I'm putting all the coaching, all the teaching, all the learning, all the encouragement into one place so I can support and motivate as many people as possible.

Hannah is a trained teacher, and teacher of teachers. Not only does Hannah know her subject, and love people, she knows how to communicate, and how to plan lessons with good content and clear actions.. The development of course materials and speaking in public is not new to Hannah. She’s also a regular Vistage speaker (in which she received the Rising Star Award), and part of the Women’s Speaker Collective. You can find out more about Hannah here.

Don’t worry! You get to keep the course forever and so the most important thing is to just keep going, but there is no ‘behind’! 

Yes! So many of the leaders and individuals I have worked with have said they have colleagues and friends in their life that would benefit from working with me – it’s in fact one of the key reasons I wrote the course! Email us if you'd like to look into this option (this includes beautiful introduction card with details, and the option of a gift book to go with this).

Your life is a boat.
You need a rudder.
But it doesn’t matter how much wind is in your sails if you’re not steering towards a harbour — an ultimate purpose in your life

Vic Stretcher

Sneak Peek!

Check out an example of one of the lessons from Module 4

Your new tomorrow starts today

A note from Hannah

I personally cannot wait to guide you over these next ten weeks. Creating The Purpose Pursuit has been an opportunity for me to put my heart and soul into a project I really believe in – enabling others to realise their Strengths, regain confidence and rediscover who they are.

I know it works.
I know it’s what you need.

I’ve experienced first-hand what it feels like to transition from a time in my life where I felt lost, unfulfilled, like I’d reached a plateau and was no longer in an environment that was stretching me or fulfilling me. I felt like my Strengths weren’t getting a look in, and definitely weren’t appreciated. For years, I had (rightly) prioritised what was right for my children (and actually had a job I had loved in that time), but it was a new season and I knew I had to find the confidence to make that change. If it hadn’t been for the kind of guidance you’ll find in The Purpose Pursuit, and emphasis on leaning into my Strengths, I would not be sitting here today, living a life with increased confidence, meaning and purpose.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 10 weeks will be fundamentally life changing – for you, and your loved ones.

Can't wait to get started!

With love,

Hannah x

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"I cannot recommend The Purpose Pursuit enough. After the last few years my confidence was on the floor and I was so unsure what steps to take towards my future. I’ve ended the course knowing what my Strengths are and both there light & shade. I know what makes me uniquely me and it has been a beautiful journey of discovery."

"My passion and purpose are now crystal clear."

Still need convincing?

On top of pursuing your own purpose, by us working together, we are giving others who are less fortunate than ourselves an opportunity to discover purpose. 10% of all sales are invested in projects in both the UK and overseas that are working hard to make the world a little fairer. Furthermore, as part of our foundation we offer fully funded places on The Purpose Pursuit to those who would otherwise not be able to access the course.

Feels good, doesn’t it, knowing our working together brings about some good in the world?

The Sidekick Foundation

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